Monday, October 22, 2012


Normally i like thriller movies much and previous short films of Karthick Subbaraj created a hype too on his debut feature film " PIZZA " . It is little compliment if i say he had never disappointed but he did far beyond from that .

Micheal ( Vijay Sethupathy ) and Anu ( Ramya nambeesan ) are lovers since childhood days and staying together in Micheal's friend's guest house . Micheal is a pizza delivery guy and Anu wants to become a crime novelist . Anu believes in devil and insists Micheal will face them one day . What happened to Micheal once the dangerous day comes is depicted by Karthik with hot and fresh screenplay . 

PIZZA is the lifetime opportunity for Vijay sethupathy and he crapped it well with both the hands . The entire film is riding on his acting skills . Ramya nambeesan as anu is the perfect match . Obviously she is not as fresh as she was in " Kullanari koottam " . She looks abnormal as her character in the movie . Supporting actors Naren , Pooja and others have done a fabulous job . Gopi amranath's photography is world class . He gives that thrill mood  in the entire movie with his lighting , He never fails  in romantic part too . Editing and Music gives the adequate support . 

We have to thank the director for not only choosing a thriller genre in his first film and also not chosen the regular way of story telling . He avoids Violence , Glamour and unwanted gimmicks which normally takes part in the thriller movies . He makes audience to guess and fail very often . Strength of the movie is to make everyone to expect the unexpected things . To the downside they miss the logic in certain areas and first few minutes after the start of the movie is bit slow . We can forget these negatives as long as it engages us till the end with unexpected twist in the climax . Pizza is very hot and tasty even though we may feel it would have been delivered even faster . 

Score Card : 46 

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